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WorkPride Panel (in Spanish): El turismo LGTBI+: Impacto en la sociedad

El turismo es un motor productivo con un gran impacto en las economías locales, pero también ofrece una oportunidad para la generación de instancias de transformación cultural y social desde un enfoque inclusivo. Este panel está conformado por un itinerario completo, que recorre desde los viajes de ocio hasta los de negocios, deteniéndose en cada uno de los desafíos que permiten consolidar a la industria turística como un referente en la inclusión LGBTQ+.  


  • M
    Felipe Cardenas
    Felipe Cardenas
    Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce
    Colombian. Business Executive with +12 years of experience in Business Growth Strategies, co-founder & CEO of Acciones de la Frontera, advisory firm specialized in creating & calibrating Financial & Commercial Models for SMEs to grow sustainable! Former co-founder of the International Business Center at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Mexico. Co-founder & CEO as well of the Colombian LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Non for Profit; Bogota based; focused on providing economic empowerment routes to Sexually Diverse Entrepreneurs as well as advisory to Corporations on Diversity & Inclusion programs for Talent, Customers & Suppliers.
  • Josue Duarte Perez
    Josue Duarte Perez
    Técnico audiovisual
    Biosfera Radio Televisión
    Presidente de LanzaEntiende, asociación LGTBIQ+ de la isla de Lanzarote y La Graciosa (Canarias, España)
  • Armando Rodriguez
    Armando Rodriguez
    Business Executive Manager
    Originally from El Salvador one of the smallest, fun and green countries in the world, now living in London after 21 years in Asia. At myGwork, we help organizations to create a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • M
    Stella Amor
    Stella Amor
    Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Community Programmes
    The Peninsula London
    I have worked for the last 30 years within Hospitality, the first 15 in Operations up to Hotel Manager and then the later and more recent 15 years within Human Resources. I have worked in United Kingdom and Spain and opened hotels in France, UK, Spain and Russia. I understand the industry, although always welcome learning and sharing with other industries and perspectives. I joined my recent company, The Peninsula London as my personal values were aligned to the companies and with my own MD's. I thought the focus on an Inclusive Culture where everyone can belong and be their authentic selves was exactly want I wanted to be part of and give to others. In 2020 I caught Covid and spent 5 months in intensive care; I survived. I made it back home to my family, hubby, 2 kids and 2 fur-babies. Although I have now been left with a disability, I see the glass is half full !!! I have transitioned from Director of People and Culture to Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Community Programmes. I have, however worked in this space for a while; valuing people as individuals... I also like to look at Diversity with a holistic approach and intersectional dimensions... I am the biggest "A" in LGBTQ+A Community....
  • David Darden
    David Darden
    Sr. Manager - Influencer Marketing
    Virgin Voyages
  • M
    Diane Rodriguez Zambrano
    Diane Rodriguez Zambrano
    Cámara LGBT+ de Comercio & Turismo Ecuador
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