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WorkPride Panel (in Spanish): Profesionales LGTBI+: Historias de presencia e inspiración

Las personas LGBTQ+ estamos presentes en todos los campos del conocimiento y quehacer humano. ¿Qué pasa, entonces, con nuestra visibilidad en ellos? De la mano de sus protagonistas, en este panel podrás conocer las inspiradoras historias de vida de profesionales del colectivo que se han hecho visibles en sus espacios de trabajo, construyendo el camino para la construcción de espacios laborales más inclusivos.  


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    Nicolás Levy
    Nicolás Levy
    Gender studies specialist
    Journalist passionate about gender studies, sexual diversity and Human Rights.Consultancy experience to different public and private entities in matters of gender, diversity and inclusion research and management, strategic communication and political analysis.
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    Angel Hidalgo
    Angel Hidalgo
    Marketing Regional Director
    Mattel Inc
    Senior Marketing Executive with over 16 years of experience in brand building and development, managing core businesses in global leading companies: Mattel Inc, Nestlé, Colgate-Palmolive, L’Oréal. Accomplished digital and innovation strategist, having led more than 15 successful product launches and proven digital platforms. People-driven leader with more than 12 years of experience in creating and managing cross-functional high-performing teams. Active company culture-builder and D&I advocate.
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    Noelia Mansilla
    Noelia Mansilla
    President EMEA and Executive Board member
    Dümmen Orange
    I am an executive professional, a PhD chemist by education and a passionate LGTBQ+ leader. With over 15 years of international experience in various industries and governance environments my particular focus is set on value generation, cultivation of agility and people management. I love guiding transformation in teams and individuals as a conscious and inclusive leader who speaks with integrity, leads with authenticity, and holds herself accountable. Currently President EMEA and Executive Board member at Dümmen Orange - the world largest provider of genetics in ornamental horticulture industry - as well as a proud full member of LB Talks – an association of lesbian and bisexual professionals in Spain.
  • Eva Díaz
    Eva Díaz
    Shaping the New
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