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WorkPride Panel: What Does it Mean to be and Live as Non-Binary?

Non-binary, also known as genderqueer, refers to a spectrum of gender identities that fall outside of the gender binary, thus not being exclusive to masculine or feminine. non-binary person can also show a wide range of gender expressions. 

Non-binary people are still underrepresented and misunderstood, even inside the LGBTQ+ community. This panel aims to explore the reality of living as non-binary, in particular, what prejudices these peers face and what equal opportunities they might be looking for. 

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  • Nicola Douglas
    Nicola Douglas
    Senior Tax Advisor
    Nicola Douglas, an Architecture graduate working in finance. Currently working in the field of Customer Tax Reporting for EY I have almost 3 years of experience in analysing and amending data in relation to Wealth Asset Management. Prior to this I spent 2 years preparing personal tax returns for overseas employees working in the UK as part of the PAS department within EY. At Northumbria University I was heavily involved in the LGBT* society first as the Womens Rep and then as the President of the society. I have continued LGBT* activism in the workplace by joining EY's LGBTQIA* network 'Unity' as a regional representative. Within Unity I have mostly been involved in promoting the awareness of LGBT* issues by creating and delivering a monthly newsletter to the local office of 500+ staff. Most recently I have provided video content and interviews to discuss non-binary issues which have been circulated nationally not only within EY but also other large financial companies. When I'm not working I like to go hill walking, rock climbing, complete a variety of crafts projects and play Bass. None of which I am probably very skilled at, though all of which I enjoy immensely!
  • M
    Jason ‘Jae’ Sloan
    Jason ‘Jae’ Sloan
    Consultant and Coach
    Apis Consultancy Group
    I help individuals, teams and organisations perform at their best. I am a purpose-driven organisational development consultant and business coach and mentor with expertise in business strategy, performance, engagement, leadership and change. I have 20 years’ experience working in a multinational pharma organisation as well as more than 5 years of professional experience working in education/non-profit community organisations. I am an out queer (non-binary, gay) person with years of leadership in LGBTQ+ inclusion, and I have been recognised as an Involve Top 50 OUTstanding LGBT+ Future Leader. I am a Co-Founder and current Co-Chair of the Proud Science Alliance, a collective of healthcare and life sciences sector LGBTQ+ networks and partners who work together to raise the bar on LGBTQ+ inclusion within their organisations and the sector as a whole. I'm a creative type who understands the necessity and value of research and detail. I prefer diverse, open-minded, relatively informal environments that support doing great, meaningful work. What does diversity and inclusion mean to me? To be our best selves, our best teams and our best organisations, we must recognise and honour the value we and others bring. This means not simply getting the numbers equal, putting up quotes on websites or simply complying with laws. We must invite everyone to participate, to contribute and to co-create in order to realise our ambition to be creative, innovate and perform at the highest level—to be our best we all must show up completely, open hearted, and we have to invite others to do the same. SPECIALTIES: Organisational Development, Business Coaching, Change Management, Inclusion and Diversity, Business Strategy Development/Execution, Business/Employee Engagement, Leadership, Project Management, Internal Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Health, Writing, Researching I am from the United States and emigrated to the UK in 2005 to be with my now husband, Greg, who is British. I love exercise, reading, spending time with friends, collecting urban/street art and making things with my hands.
  • Fox Fisher
    Fox Fisher
    Artist, Author and Filmmaker with an LGBTQIA+ focus. Director
    My Genderation
    Fox Fisher (Honorary Doctorate & MA in Sequential Design & Illustration) is an award winning artist, author, filmmaker and trans rights campaigner. Fox gives talks on gender and art, and has screen-printed live at the Tate Modern and the V&A. Fox is Director of non-profit film production company My Genderation, sits on the Advisory board for All About Trans and is a co-founder and a trustee of Trans Pride, Brighton. Fox is also co-author and illustrator of kid’s book Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl is hated by the Daily Mail. Fox has just released their 3rd book the Trans Survival Workbook and their 4th book, a Trans Prides Coloring Book. Fox's 2nd book (co-created with their partner Owl) is The Trans Teen Survival Guide, a #1 Best Seller, on Amazon. Fox gifted a copy of their 1st book LIVE to Piers Morgan, on Good Morning Britain.
  • M
    Raven Davis
    Raven Davis
    Senior Account Executive
    I am passionate about being a force for positive, equitable change in our world. I firmly believe that collectively reimagining and feeling the feelings of existing in a future where all people can safely exist outside of the systems that oppress us is our key to freedom.
  • Em Turner
    Em Turner
    Technical Writer
    Em Turner is a technical writer for VMware based in Durham, North Carolina. Before VMware, Em started their career in technical writing at Dell Technologies, where they spent 5 years developing their skills. Em is also engaged with the Pride POD at VMware, and is particularly passionate about educating folks about the asexual and nonbinary communities. Outside of work, Em keeps busy with many hobbies, including knitting, cross stitching, exercising, playing video games, and caring for two cats.
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