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WorkPride Webinar : Amplifying our unique strengths as Queer Leaders

A self-empowerment webinar by WE CREATE SPACE introducing new processes for identifying and amplifying our unique strengths as Queer Leaders and LGBTQ+ Change-Makers. By focusing on what we're naturally good at, we begin to see and nurture our own value. We stop reacting to the world around us, and instead find the confidence to create more opportunities for ‘moments of success’ in our own lives, but also drive forward positive change for our communities.

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  • Michael Edward Stephens
    Michael Edward Stephens
    Michael spent over 10 years working in leadership positions for some of the world’s most respected British brands within the fashion, travel and retail industries - including i-D Magazine, Vice Media, Liberty London, Ted Baker and Virgin Atlantic. After a series of life changing events, Michael diverted from this career path to become a mental health and wellbeing advocate, promoting the importance and value of prioritising self-care, specifically within the creative and LGBTQ+ communities. He does this through his own channels, orchestrating relevant conversations and partnerships, as well as through Create Space, his retreat and workshop business. Michael also runs his own not-for-profit organisation, WE CREATE SPACE, providing free monthly online well-being workshops within the LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Maylis Djikalou
    Maylis Djikalou
    Programme Director
    Maylis is a transformation coach and consultant who has worked at the intersection of creative and mental health industries for the last ten years; curating international events and strategic partnerships to promote wellbeing in the workplace as a competitive advantage. She is also Programme Director at WE CREATE SPACE, the LGBTQ+ self-empowerment platform, designing learning and development experiences that support Queer Leaders with becoming the most impactful version of themselves - inside their own communities and organisations.
  • M
    Zachary Ames
    Zachary Ames
    Former Regional Talent Partner, APAC
    Zachary is an experienced leadership development specialist with a history of working in the financial services and retail industries. Through his work he seeks to help people through coaching, instructional design, team building and facilitation. He is also deeply passionate about the power of Diversity and Inclusion. Until recently he was the APAC Regional Leadership & Talent Development Partner at Bloomberg LP, based out of Singapore. His next step is setting up his own business in his native USA.
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