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WorkPride: Wellness Workshop

During the course of this workshop, we will discuss and practice numerous tools for healing with our special guest Yogi & Healing Practitioner - Mitsimotto DG! Healthy habits to attain better physical and mental health. Simple, everyday tools that we tend to neglect or forget to use in our contemporary living.

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    Mitsimotto DG
    Mitsimotto DG
    Yogi & Healing Practitioner
    Dimitris, aka Mitsimotto is a yogi and healing practitioner. He started off his career as an architect based in London, managing high value development project in France, Netherlands, Germany and Brussels amongst others. In addition, he taught Architecture and Urban design at the Architectural Association of London. At the peak of his professional career, a trip to Bali turned out to be a turning point in his life. Following the completion of his Yoga Teacher training course, certified by Yoga Alliance, he was offered a position at the school to join the team as a teacher. He taught Pranayama, Vinyasa, Yin and Alignment of Asana. Most importantly, he shared his ability of understanding, connecting, guiding and empowering the students during their journey which inspired Mitsimotto to further develop his skills and become a certified Life Coach. He is currently based between Bali, the Caribbean and the Greek Islands, organizing Yoga training courses and retreats. Mitsimotto trusts that through structured guidance and use of correct tools one can find their life purpose which eventually can shape decisions, impact behaviours, achieve goals, and offer a sense of meaning and direction.
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