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21-year-old Jailed After Attack on Army Veteran Lover

An army veteran was attacked when his 21 year old lover “flipped”, fearing their relationship would be revealed.


Dylan Upton, had a long-term girlfriend but was also leading a double life when he met an older Army Veteran via grindr.


On the night of the attack, they had consensual sex. Upton then requested the man went out to buy poppers, lubricant and alcohol. After his arrival home it’s believed that Upton found pictures of the pair together, which he thought the man had deleted from his phone.


Fearing the relationship becoming public, it’s believed this is when Upton “flipped” and became violent. Upton began punching him to the head and began strangling him, all while he remained tied to the bed.


In the midst of the attack, Upton was spewing threats saying he would get his friends to 'sort him out'.


Upton briefly left the room, which allowed the man to break free. But upon his return, he continued his attack. He demanded keys to the man’s safe and stole a Falklands War medal, foreign money, a laptop and family photos.


The victim was forced to crawl down the stairs, and was ordered to say 'I am a pervert' while Upton recorded him on his mobile phone. It was after this when Upton barricaded the victim in the toilet and ransacked the house.


Initially, the victim didn’t want to come forward, which happened last june. But friends and family persuaded him to press charges. Upton tried to deny knowing the victim until DNA was found in the army veteran’s house and Dylan has been sentenced to 11 years and 8 months in jail.


The victim shared: "It's the last thing I think of at night," he said. “When I eventually get to sleep it's the first thing I think of in the morning."


The man currently “lives in fear” and is currently on medication for post traumatic stress disorder. According to Manchester Evening News he plans to quit his job and move away from Manchester.

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