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A Gay Kid’s Letter To Santa Is Breaking The Internet’s Heart

A letter to Santa sent by a gay kid named ‘Will’ is breaking the internet’s heart.

Each year, the United States Postal Service conducts “Operation Santa,” sending responses to letters to Santa. In many locations, private organisations and citizens can help out, and some of the letters get posted to the USPS website.

This year the program opens on December 4, but to build interest in the program USPS posted letters from previous years. One of them is from Will, a young gay kid who asks Santa if he can ask God if “He loves me for being gay.”

The letter writes:

“Dear Santa,

Do you support the LGBTQ community and if you can speak to God can you tell Him I love him, and if He loves me for being gay.

Thank you

Love Will”

As ‘LGBTQ Nation’ reports, no other information about Will is available on the site. It’s not known what he had been told to make him think that God can’t love him if he’s gay, whether he had to hide his letter from his parents and send it secretly, or if he was worried that a response to the letter could out him.

While Twitter is full of straight people saying he’s too young to know that he’s gay, a lot of people just wanted to send Will some support.

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