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LGBTQ+ business community myGwork meet AB InBev‘s Mich Van Den Borre

Michele Van Den Borre from ABInBev spoke with myGwork about how the company has engrained inclusion in everything they do. 

Currently, Mich is People Transformation and Rewards Director for Europe. “It combines multiple roles”, Mich explains. “One of them is being the Transformation Director for ‘People’ in Europe. ‘People’ is what other companies might call the HR department, but by choice and design AB InBev refers to it as ‘People’ because we don’t look at HR as a transactional department to hire and redeploy fire people. Rather, we see people as our biggest and most valuable asset, and focus on how we can attract, retain and develop the best people for the company”.

The other aspect of her role, Mich says, is to assess the company’s processes, “be that from a way of working perspective, from a technology perspective and equally from an organisational perspective”. She is also questioning “How can we constantly improve the way of working so that we create a better way of working for the employees? And can we become more efficient optimised so that we can spend more time on coaching new leaders and work on employee experience and diversity and inclusion?”.

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