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Why should we celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month?

A reflection by Sergio Alifano, HR Director for Business Unit Central Europe.


There is always a general debate regarding these celebrations: LGBTQ+ History Month, International Transgender Visibility Day, Lesbian Visibility Day, Pride in general, etcetera, and there are different points of views whether we should celebrate or not. Mine is very clear: it is a big YES.

Why? It is important to me because of 3 reasons:

A) it is a moment for reflection; to remind us about the past, the challenges and the accomplishments throughout history and as a learning and an eye-opener opportunity for many; B) to recognize all those who invested time, effort and their lives to fight for awareness, freedom, equality, love and overall, for rights, that some might take for granted nowadays; and C) because despite of all great achievements, there is still a long way to go; there are countries where diversity, inclusivity, legislation and society overall, have not evolved at all and we cannot just look to the other side.  


It is everyone’s responsibility to take action and I am very proud to work in a company such as Anheuser-Bush InBev where it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or who you love, and it is committed to challenge itself, open gaps, support its people and contribute to a more diverse, equal, inclusive, loving and fair world.

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