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Basketball Player Daniel Arcos Comes Out

Chilean basketball player Daniel Arcos has come out as gay in an emotional video he posted on his Instagram account.

“I waited for this day for a long time, a personal challenge with new [rainbow] colors on my shirt, colors that before I looked at with shame and that today I decide to wear with pride,” he wrote. 

Talking about his past, he revealed that “I had feelings of guilt, I felt bad, lonely, as if I had done something really bad. I was afraid to share it with someone and be judged, as I was already doing with myself.”

As ‘Out’ reports, Arcos pushed these feelings away and continued on with his life. He started doing “a lot of sport and study, hoping that time would take care of doing its thing. He “avoided uncomfortable questions” and “lied and silenced” himself when he saw instances of homophobia and hate speech from his peers.

Acros has now come out publicly stating on his video: “I know that this message might generate ridicule, discomfort and even hate, but I have the privilege of having my family and friends on my team,” he wrote.

“Everyone has their experiences and they experience them in their own way, but the important thing is to live as we want as long as we are happy.”

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