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Best Websites for LGBT+ People to Find Jobs

The world of work can be a very daunting prospect for LGBT+ people, with many reporting going back into the closet once they reach a new workplace. The importance of finding an inclusive employer is vital, and to that end it is equally important that LGBT+ people find jobs that are accommodating of their gender and sexual identity so that they can truly bring their whole self to work: to live with authenticity. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best websites for LGBT+ people to find jobs. 


myGwork is an LGBT+ business community that can be broadly split into three areas: LGBT+ community, LGBT+ culture, and LGBT+ employment. Whether you’re building a professional profile to search for connections, research companies, or find mentors, you can still dip your toes into a vast array of LGBT+ events and news, thoughts from inclusive employers, and opportunities. myGwork combines the professional with the personal, and with hundreds of jobs advertised, you’ll be sure to find the one for you. 


Indeed is a job platform that encompasses a huge number of sectors, locations, and varieties of work. At the click of a button, you can send CVs to potential employers, and find jobs at a number of LGBT+ friendly employers. Save CVs or details for speeding up future applications, get job recommendations based on your current employment history, and more at Indeed, where the focus is on finding the job that suits you. 


Consortium seeks to support the LGBT+ community and bring together voices and actors within the wider group to support LGBT+ voices and organisations. To this end, Consortium also hosts a job portal through which people can post vacancies at LGBT+ charities and organisations that are seeking new staff. Interested in supporting the third sector, at a range of LGBT+ charities? Check out Consortium’s job postings. 


Monster hosts job listings like other job-seeking platforms, but complements this with focus into things such as staff networks. Aside from just listing jobs, Monster has published articles on its website looking at LGBT+ staff networks, and in many cases has even continued to rank the top companies for LGBT+ staff networks. This compliments a sleek system that allows you to upload CVs, tailor jobs based on your wants or needs, and search countless job postings. 


As well as publishing, the Guardian also operates a job-listing page, where companies and organisations can share postings for vacancies they may have, all screened by the Guardian. Particularly, however, the Guardian also keeps a separate tag for LGBT+ or LGBT+ friendly jobs, so that you can find employment in a workplace that is either LGBT+ focused, or certainly a workplace that has the policy and culture to make LGBT+ people feel like they can be their whole selves. 


Dating back to pre-internet job-hunting, the Pink Pages used to be a directory of LGBT+ jobs and people that was used for “Pink Hiring”. Nowadays, the PinkPages lives online, collating an impressive collection of sectors and jobs that are hiring looking expressly for LGBT+ people. Take a search and see what job opportunities exist on the page, ranging across services and professional careers. 


SimplyHired is another job board where countless positions exist from more avenues than you can count. But what helps LGBT+ job hunters find their perfect job however is SimplyHired’s various lists that subdivide the many jobs - are you looking for LGBT+ non-profit? LGBT+ friendly? LGBT+ corporate? Chances are, SimplyHired has sorted it into a top 20 list and you can browse for the position that is going to level up your career in an LGBT+ friendly environment. 

CenterLink LGBT

CenterLink LGBT job board is a place for LGBT+ people in the US to find jobs in LGBT centers and organisations. By providing an intuitive map system, applicants can filter and visualise jobs via states, as well as consider the different positions available. Covering a number of professional roles from IT to wellbeing, nurses to executives, the board offers a wide variety of choice for professionals looking to get more involved in an LGBT+ job. 


Glassdoor aims to do what the name suggests: open up the secrets of industries, and enable people to go into workplaces aware of what to expert. From finding jobs, users can also listen to employees talk about expectations, workload, management, pay, perks, and other important topics to consider before going for a job. As an LGBT+ person, having this information up front can be vitally important to helping decision making, and Glassdoor does it well. 


Working for the UN can be daunting, with concerns raised around topics such as whether or not you’ll be working in a country where you can safely, and proudly, be LGBT+. Enter UNJobs: By adding a page for LGBT+ jobs, applicants can apply knowing they’re working either in LGBT+ friendly countries, or for organs of the UN working to advance LGBT+ rights across the globe. UNJobs is a platform that can really help you find your new career in an environment where who are you are matters. 

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