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California National Guard Will Not Obey Trump’s Ban on Transgender People

President Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military went into effect on April 12 last week, despite this the California National Guard have announced they will ignore the ban and continue to employ transgender service people, reports The Hill.


Major General Matthew Beeversmade it clear that the gender identity of their soldiers is “the least of our concerns.”


“Every [transgender] soldier or airmen currently serving in the California National Guard will remain in our ranks,” he added.


“We will not treat any soldier or airmen any differently today than we did yesterday.


“[We] will explore every avenue to ensure that [transgender] people who want to serve in the California National Guard are afforded every opportunity to serve.


“Anybody who is willing and able to serve state [and] nation should have the opportunity to serve.


“It’s unconscionable in my mind that we would fundamentally discriminate against a certain class of people based on their gender identity.


“That should be the absolute least of our worries.”

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