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Top 5 Tips for Finding LGBTQ+ Inclusive Organizations

By Ryan Kirkham, Employee Relations Graduate at Capgemini


1. Check the job advertisement first – do they mention they are an inclusive employer?


2. Research, research, research! Don’t just look on the organization’s website, but check out their social media, Glassdoor reviews and search LinkedIn.


3. Ask questions. Throughout your recruitment process, you will likely meet multiple people (recruitment, hiring manager, HR). Everyone will have a different viewpoint, it’s always helpful to ask about policies, employee networks, awareness events and the overall culture.


4. Look for Stonewall logos, they are usually located in email signatures or website banners.


5. Don’t give up! If you are struggling to find an organization that is inclusive, or even if you have joined somewhere and later realized it isn’t as inclusive as you like, continue your search. It’s important to feel a sense of belonging at work, where you can be your authentic self.

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