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Champion Gymnast Luke Strong Comes Out As Bisexual

Five-time British trampoline gymnastics champion Luke Strong has come out as bisexual, stating he doesn’t care much for what his haters may think. 

“It doesn’t bother me,” Strong told. “I feel sorry for people like that who are close-minded and still think it’s offensive to be called gay — because it’s not.”

Strong is no newcomer to facing adversity and doubters. He noted that choosing this particular sport gave him a hard time growing up. While membership in other sports was considered cool growing up, his sport had the opposite effect.

“Especially wearing a leotard, doing gymnastics, doing the splits,” he stated. “You get the typical ‘you’re a fairy’ and the gay jokes.”

Strong also stated that there was a period of his adolescence where “the bullying was hard” and he “wouldn’t really talk about trampolining” with his schoolmates. That changed a little after his talents were revealed and people understood he was going to do great things as a trampoline gymnastics athlete.

Although Strong never was in the closet, this marks the first time he has spoken publicly about his sexuality, according to ‘Out’. 

“I’ve never hidden anything and I’m really open about the fact that I’m attracted to both sexes, male and female,” he explained. “But I’ve never been in a relationship with either of them so I don’t know.”

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