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An Interview With Narind Singh: We Should Do Everything to Acknowledge the Mental Health Struggles of LGBTQ+ People

An Interview with Narind Singh, Partner at Clifford Chance


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career? 

I am a partner at Clifford Chance in the Corporate department and I am also Chair of our Inclusion Committee. 


Do you think it’s important to talk specifically about LGBTQ+ mental health?

Yes, of course. The statistics lay bare the fact that LGBTQ+ people suffer greater mental health issues and I think personally the reasons why are obvious. 


Being LGBTQ+ means you feel a great deal of pressure and stress from a young age which continues to some degree throughout young adult life.  We should be doing everything that we can to acknowledge it within the community and educate others outside the community on this crucial issue. 


What advice would you give to an LGBTQ+ professional who is struggling with their mental health? 

Please talk to someone about it whether it’s a friend, family member or your doctor.  Once you've recognised that you're struggling with mental health issues having other people validate that is enormously helpful and is the first stage to recovery. 


What role do you think an LGBTQ+ network can play in promoting discussions around mental health in the workplace?  

Simply having a network with a tight-knit bunch of individuals participating gives you a feeling of solidarity and a collective voice is louder than one. Networks, therefore, offer support to the community as well as voicing concerns within the firm around mental health issues facing LGBTQ+ individuals. 


How important do you think work-life balance is when it comes to mental health?  

I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a healthy life outside work.  It is not always going to be balanced but compromising on life should be the exception rather than the rule. 


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