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Conservative MP Delays LGBT-Inclusive Education

Tory MP Philip Davies has objected to new LGBT-inclusive guidance’s for relationship education in primary schools, essentially delaying any progress for more inclusive education programs, Huffington Post reports.


Davies objected to the new regulations, despite not being present for the debate on the issue.


It only takes one MP to halt approval, under new Parliamentary rules.


“Gutted that the motion didn’t pass unanimously tonight because one Tory, Philip Davies, who had not attended the debate, appeared at the last minute and objected to it,” said Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner.


“But we’ll carry on fighting and believe the House will pass it soon.”


 “One of the key elements of relationships education is ensuring that children are aware, including in primary schools, that loving families can be made up of two mothers, two fathers or one mother and one father,” said Education minister Nick Gibb in the debate.


“Children are being taught that other family structures are just as loving and caring as their own.”

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