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Criteo's Daryk Childs on Building His Own Community: 'I wanted a community and wanted to be who I was"

Daryk Childs from Criteo, speaks to Louise Sinnerton from myGwork about the role community has played in shaping his life – for better and for worse.

Daryk grew up in Utah, in a small suburban neighbourhood that lacked any real sense of diversity. The state is the home of the Mormons, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Daryk spent his childhood and adolescence surrounded by that community.

"My hometown is a very Caucasian place really, I would say it is over 90 percent white and over 80 percent of people are practicing Mormons."

The Mormon religion places the traditional family unit, a husband and wife, at the core of their beliefs and practices. Mormon leaders rarely, if ever, speak about anyone that struggles to live up to those expectations.

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