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Cyclist Who Lost Race to a Trans Woman “Couldn’t Care Less” That Winner Was Trans

A cyclist came second place, just behind a trans woman who won the race, and couldn’t care less that she was beat by a trans person – squashing reports that she boycotted the podium.


Lesley Mumford won the Desert Gravel Co2Ut race, a 100-mile course from Colorado to Utah, in the 40-49 age group, coming in sixth place overall in the women’s category in April this year. Mumford had the chance to stand in the podium, which she did so alone as other competitors had left the building. Right-wing media reported that this was an act of protest from other competitors, but Lindsey Kriete, who placed second place, 17 seconds behind Mumford has spoken out against this.


“I knew I hadn’t placed in the top three overall, so I didn’t stick around. I waited for my friends to finish, we drank some beer, ate some food, then headed back to shower and sleep,” Kriete said on Friday. “I could not care less if the winner was transgender – what does that matter?”

Kriete added that she did not know the winner was trans and that her absence was in no way a "boycott," but she left not thinking she had placed highly. 

"I just knew that I hadn't placed in the top three overall, so I didn't stick around,' she said added.


Organisers of the race Desert Gravel have also made a statement “Due to the timing of the podium call-ups the 2nd and 3rd place age group women had already left the venue, not as a form of protest but to ‘grab a beer and food,’ and to ‘head home.’ At no time did any rider report any concern to us or protest these results.”


They have also said the results of the race will stay as they are and added that they stand by creating an inclusive environment for all athletes: “We believe it when we say ‘You belong here’, right up to the point someone cannot belong here respectfully. We continually work to make our events a place for fun over politics, peace over hate, and tough riding for all.”

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