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Cynthia Nixon reveals her son is trans

Last Friday, on the 14th annual Trans Day of Action, Cynthia Nixon took a moment to celebrate on Instagram – and reveal that her son is trans. Nixon, a long-time LGBT+ advocate and current candidate for governor of New York, posted a photo of her son in his cap and gown with the caption: “I’m so proud of my son Samuel Joseph Mozes (called Seph) who graduated college this month. I salute him and everyone else marking today’s #TransDayofAction”

Nixon is currently running against Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primaries and is working with key strategists Bill Hyers and Rebecca Katz. Former New York City council speaker Christine Quinn called Nixon “an unqualified lesbian” saying “She’s an accomplished actress, a supporter of political causes and that’s a good thing. Participating in rallies is important. But… being an actress and celebrity doesn’t make you qualified for public office.”

Nixon has responded to criticism by taking it in her stride, saying: “She was technically right. I don’t have my certificate from the Department of Lesbian Affairs. But in my defense, there is a lot of paperwork involved.”

Nixon has faced controversy because of her sexuality before, saying in an interview with SiriusXM: "I didn’t really identify as bisexual. But people were so insistent that I pick a ― you know, it caused a huge controversy and everyone wanted to graft on to me this narrative [that] I felt that I had just simply been mistaken about myself for all these years and finally the veil was lifted and I was a lesbian. And that was not true."

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