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Elite Cyclist Clay Davies Comes Out

Of the 415 elite or first class category cyclists in the UK, none were openly gay. Until now.

Clay Davies told British Continental that he had been open with family and friends for a year, but it wasn't until he was nearly killed that he felt he could come out publicly.

Davies was knocked from his bike, having both of his arms broken and his head crushed by an Audi, which he said was his "epiphany."

"It shows how deeply in the closet I had been beforehand.”

He continued: “It took quite literally nearly dying for me to reveal my sexuality. Basically, I thought: ‘F**k it, I’m going to go and tell everyone now.'”

The perception in elite cycling is that some cyclists will behave strangely, Davies went on to say, mentioning that he had heard a number of homophobic slurs being thrown around in a way that "wasn't banter." 

“It was nasty,” he added. “I distinctly remember it.”

Clay Davies is not the only openly LGBTQ+ elite cyclist, but he does represent a huge step forward in terms of queer representation for elite British cycling.

Former world champion cyclist Graeme Obree revealed he is gay in 2011 and opened up about his struggles with mental health as he came to terms with his sexuality.

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