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Elton John Opens Up About Fatherhood in New Interview

Sir Elton John has opened up fatherhood in a new interview with The Mirror. He talks about the challenges of keeping his children grounded and not letting his fame be a distraction.


“They’ve seen the tour in New York,” he said in answer to whether his children know what he does.


“But when we are out and people are taking our photograph or ask for a photograph, they say, ‘Why do they want your photograph?’


“We always say, ‘Because people like my music’. We don’t say because I’m famous, or anything like that. I try to leave Elton on the stage. They love their daddy’s music, but they also like a lot of other people’s music so they’re quite grounded.”


Elton took time out of his two-year world tour to speak with the Mirror, “I’m having so much fun,”he said of the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.


“I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I’m having but what we try to do visually and musically is elevate it to another level, because if you’re going to do one more tour, you’ve got to make it a little special.


“I’m singing really well, too, and, visually, it’s great. I’m having a terrific time.


“By the time I finish I’ll be at least 75. That will be a chance to reassess what I want to do. I just owe it to those children to be there for them.”

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