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Esther McVey Wants to Push Back LGBT-Inclusive Education to Age 16

Esther McVey has said she believes LGBT-inclusive education in schools should be pushed back to age 16, instead of being included in primary education.


The Conservative party leadership candidate spoke to LBC‘s Nick Ferrari on WednesdayJune 5th. 



When asked what age she thought it should be mandatory for children to be taught about the existence of LGBT+ people she said: “I think, once the person is coming to an adult age, then that is where the state can come in. That would be later, it would be 16.


“Most parents will then think that is relevant as the child gets older, but this was purely about primary school children, and whether parents had the choice.


“If I had a child, I would have my child having those sex and relationship education lessons, but that would be my choice, and I do appreciate other people would have a different choice.”


McVey, who voted against same-sex marriage, defended her views: “I was appealing to was parents of children, who I believe know their children better than anybody else.

“I’m happy that LGBT is taught… this question was about what is age appropriate for very young children, and I said it should be parents who have the say on that.”

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