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Facebook Removes False HIV-Prevention Ads After LGBT+ Groups Warn Of Misinformation

Facebook has officially announced that they will remove ads for HIV-prevention drugs after LGBT+ groups warned they contain misleading information. 

A Facebook spokeswoman said that the ads “can no longer run on Facebook.”

“After a review, our independent fact-checking partners have determined some of the ads in question mislead people about the effects of Truvada,” Devon Kearns said, citing one of the drugs. “As a result, we have rejected these ads and they can no longer run on Facebook.”

According to ‘The Hill’, GLAAD said that "while some of the ads warning of potential side effects of Truvada and other preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications had been removed, others remained active on the platform.”

GLAAD CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis said that “removing select ads is a strong first step, but the time is now for Facebook to take action on other very similar ads which target at-risk community members with misleading and inaccurate claims about PrEP and HIV prevention.

Dozens of organizations have told Facebook that the safety and effectiveness of PrEP to prevent HIV transmission is unequivocal. The pervasiveness of these ads and the subsequent real world harm should be catalysts for Facebook to further review how misleading and inaccurate ads are allowed to be targeted at LGBTQ and other marginalized communities," she added.

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