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Federation of Gay Games Condemns FINA’s Trans-Exclusionary Policy

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) has condemned the recent decision by FINA banning the participation of Transgender women in women’s international competition.

The recent vote by FINA, an International Federation which administers international competitions in water sports, has prohibited transgender women from competing unless they began their medical treatment to suppress the production of testosterone before attaining puberty. The new ruling is described as one of the strictest rules against transgender participation in international sports, as reported


According to the Federation of Gay Games, the decision by FINA to ban transwomen from competing with the gender they identify as is discriminatory and exclusive, and creating a separate category for a small number of competitors is only exacerbating the current inaccurate and hurtful treatment of trans and non-binary athletes. 


Commenting on the decision, Federation of Gay Games, Vice President of External Relations, Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett, stated: “As a non-binary athlete, I would expect world governing bodies to be far more careful about the language and hyperbolic usage of trans exclusionary language which surfaced from their decision; and would hope an urgent review of this decision, and the subsequent consequences towards trans and non-binary athletes will be investigated immediately.” 


The FGG said it will continue to acknowledge that only participants can identify their gender, and a participant should never feel left out or forced to participate in a Gay Games competition that does not align with their identity.


The next FGG and Gay Games will take place in both Hong Kong and Mexico’s Guadalajara in November 2023 Gay Games, as reported.




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