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First transgender applicant accepted by FBI National Academy

Lesley Mumford, a SWAT commander in Colorado, has become the first transgender applicant accepted into the highly prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The intensive three-month program combines classwork with rigorous physical training culminating in a 6.1-mile obstacle course dubbed the “Yellow Brick Road”. Only 200 law enforcement agents are selected for the honour every year.

“We were so proud to have her transition in the workplace,” says Sheriff FitzSimons, who nominated Mumford for the academy. “But this is the next, huge, smash-the-ceiling moment. We’re so proud of Lesley.”

Mumford transitioned last year and says she has been tremendously supported by the Sheriff’s office and has been particularly touched to be put forward for the Academy.  “It makes me feel that, as individuals, we do have the ability to change and influence the world around us,” she said. “I don’t know who the other 200-plus classmates will be and what their backgrounds and values are. Hopefully, if there are any negative sentiments, I can challenge those simply by existing and performing and proving my capability and competence.”

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