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Fishawack Health | Life as a Senior Account Manager

What prompted you to pursue an opportunity in Account Management?

After completing my university degree in biomedical sciences, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in science outside of the lab. I explored various healthcare graduate schemes that introduced me to the world of healthcare communications. I was considering venturing down the path of medical writing, but was instantly identified as an account handler. I’ve never looked back since!

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

As someone who enjoys being around people, I love being the lynchpin of the agency, collaborating with and learning from cross-functional teams. I feel very fortunate to interact with people who care about the work we do, whilst also supporting and caring for each other. It’s very rewarding to work with colleagues who are not only driven to better the lives of the patients and stakeholders we serve, but also better the lives of the people on our teams.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

You need to be willing to ride the rollercoaster and enjoy the journey. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, but it’s important to remember these experiences enable you to gain the most from your role and drive your successes. I believe there are four key qualities needed in Account Management:

  1. Versatility—to adapt to an everchanging situation and provide solutions if challenges arise
  2. Confidence—both within yourself and when leading a team
  3. Resilience—to overcome any challenges that come your way, knowing you have the support of your team behind you
  4. Boldness—don’t offer your clients the norm; be bold enough to disrupt convention and exceed expectations by thinking innovatively

How have you developed your skillset since becoming a Senior Account Manager?

My experiences in Account Management have allowed me not only to develop my hard skills, but also my confidence in successfully managing a team and client relationships. I have a wonderful relationship with our Senior Account Director, who provides me with the freedom to work independently, while simultaneously offering valuable guidance when needed. Consequently, I have exceeded my own expectations and developed the required skills in a more dynamic way.

What are the key highlights of your time at Fishawack Health?

I’m extremely passionate about the work I produce, but another highlight of my time at Fishawack Health (FH) has been my involvement as Global Co-Deputy of the Race and Ethnicity Employee Network Group (ENG). These ENGs consist of employee-led communities which help to drive a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with business objectives. Acting as Global Co-Deputy enables me to collaborate with colleagues around the globe and across teams to foster a workplace culture that enriches our understanding of diversity and actively promotes a sense of inclusion. One of the ways we achieve this is through monthly meetings that are organized by all six ENGs at FH, providing a space for us to share our experiences and learn from each other.

Why work for Fishawack Health?

At FH we are challenged and supported in equal measure. This has allowed me to focus on my own career growth and development with the guidance and encouragement of my colleagues. It is refreshing to work in an environment that doesn’t place limits on your personal development, and actively supports you in the areas you wish to grow in.

How do you manage your work–life balance?

Our Chief People Officer prefers to call it a life–work balance, which I believe is more reflective of the culture at FH. We are not just valued as employees who produce great work, but rather as individuals with our own needs and personal lives.

In practice, my team and I aim to work within standard business hours, which I believe contributes to managing an effective life–work balance. I also enjoy making plans after work, to help separate my day. My plans tend to vary from going out for drinks with friends, to staying home and cooking a nice dinner. It’s so important to have that balance and shift your perspective away from work to gain a clearer mind for the next day.

What do you do outside of working hours?

I love swimming! I recently completed a 10 km swim raising money for Cancer Research UK. It was an immense challenge having not been in a pool for a good couple of years, but this was a cause close to my heart. For the past 4 years I’ve been working in oncology, witnessing the direct impacts that cancer has on the world, so I was extremely motivated to take part in this fundraiser. My colleagues kindly donated to the cause and helped me raise more than £500, which was my target goal.

Aside from swimming, I also enjoy a good comedy night because I think stand-up comedy is one of the most impressive talents to have. If I’m not swimming or watching comedy, you can probably find me at the pub with friends, enjoying a pint!

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