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Gareth Thomas Urges Government To Change Legislation On Homophobic Abuse In Sport

Former rugby star Gareth Thomas, who is openly gay, urges the Government to change legislation in order to tackle homophobic abuse in the sport, reports the ‘Independent’. 

In a recent interview Thomas said: “What happens in sport, I believe, in football definitely, is everyone in football is very good at reacting to situations.

“So we will have an act of racism, it hits the headlines, everyone comes out reacting in the right way. Another two or three months later another racist act or homophobic act or transphobic act will occur and everyone will react in the right way – but when you look at it seven months down the line, nothing has happened because everyone has reacted enough.”

He added that there is “a blatantly obvious black hole in the law within football” that needs to be addressed at the very top, while making a direct plea for change to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

“If you are running a country then you run the country to support everyone and to make better conditions for people to live in,” Thomas said.

“Yes I am passionate about the LGBT issue, but I am just as passionate about the racism issue – it is in there, it is so simple, so just make the change. Do it Boris, do it.”

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