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Gay Teacher Attacked By Student’s Homophobic Dad

A gay teacher has been left injured after being attacked by a student’s dad with a knife. 

According to ‘Gay Times’, after the student called him a “moffie”, an African homophobic slang term, the teacher went on to say that, “I later went to report the incident to his parents, and was met by his mother who was rude and shouted at me. She said her husband would deal with me. I called the police to report a case of discrimination.

“Her husband appeared out of nowhere and smacked me with an open palm. He repeatedly attacked me with a fist, and at that time, I was defenceless. The husband took out a knife and wanted to stab me.”

Dyamara said if his friend wasn’t there then it “would have been a different story” and he could’ve seriously been injured.

“Members of the LGBTI Plus community are not given the respect they need and deserve,” he went on to say. “The community, especially in Nqubela, even though it is diverse, needs to respect gay people.”

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