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Great British Bake Off Host Sandi Toksvig Calls Out Birmingham Protestors

Out comedian and presenter of The Great British Bake Off Sandi Toksvig has called out the protestors at Birmingham schools who have called for an end to LGBT-inclusive education, reports Metro.


The debate over LGBT-inclusive education has raged on through the UK the past few months, with many politicians weighing in, some with offense and controversial comments about the LGBT+ community.


Toksvig laments that the ensuing media storm proves the UK has not made as much progress as she’d hoped.


“For a long time it felt like we were making progress, but watching politicians this month debate whether children should be taught about LGBTQ+ relationships shows just how fragile progress is,”she said.


“The logic that it might encourage children to be gay makes no sense – I never opted a single one of my children out of mathematics, and yet they are all thoroughly useless at it. It also assumes that being gay would be a terrible thing.”


Toksvig has been married with her partner Debbie since 2007. She’s been an LGBT+ rights advocate since 1994, when she publically came out.

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