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Hungary Drops Ban On Gay And Bi Men Donating Blood

Hungary has completely dropped the ban on gay and bi men giving blood. The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service stated they have chosen to “eliminate” the “discrimination”.

Hungary is considered one of Europe’s least LGBT+ supportive countries and this ban came at the time when Hungary’s government has taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to stop trans people changing their gender. 

In their statement the National Blood Transfusion Service says: “All discrimination based on the gender of the participants in the assessment of sexual relationships that are risky for transmission is eliminated.”

As ‘Gay Star News’ reports, the largest and oldest LGBT+ organization in Hungary, the Háttér Society, welcomed the news pointing out that gay sex is not necessarily riskier for transmitting HIV.

In the statement they mention that “The Háttér Society has been fighting for years to stop the stigmatization and complete exclusion of a group of people [men who have sex with men] from blood donation.

“A gay couple in a monogamous relationship, especially if they protect themselves against HIV by condoms or PrEP, is not more at risk than a heterosexual couple.

“The risk of transmission of non-penetrative sexual encounters between men is much lower than that of a heterosexual contact involving vaginal penetration.”

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