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Influencer Comes Out To Parents Using Cake In Heartwarming Viral Video

Social media star and model Tatiana Ringsby has come out as bisexual. The TikTok sensation, with more than 260,000 followers, documented the moment she offered her parents a cake with the words “Surprise I’m bi” spelled out on it with icing, as ‘Out’ reports. 

“Racial?” Her father asked her joking to which Ringsby replies “Bisexual”. Her mother exclaimed, “Oh, good for you!” and both parents embraced her and told her they love her no matter what. There were tears of joy, plus her brother Justin, who was filming, interjecting the comment “We can go out to the club in L.A. and pick up girls together!” to which Tatiana responded, “We totally can.”

In addition to sharing the video on TikTok, Ringsby tweeted about the moment with a picture of herself both teary and smiling and the caption “Can’t even explain the weight that’s been lifted off of my shoulders. out and proud!”

The video has received over three million views and 15,000 comments.

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