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Joe Biden: “‘LGBT-Free Zones’ Have No Place In The EU Or Anywhere In The World”

Joe Biden has denounced ‘LGBT-Free Zones’ that have been appearing in places across Poland, while stating that “LGBT+ rights are human rights”.

Sharing the post on Twitter, the Democratic presidential nominee also shared a story about European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s condemnation of such zones.

As the ‘Advocate’ reports, municipal and regional governments of areas representing about a third of Poland’s population have made declarations of being ‘LGBT-free zones', which are not legally binding although they show direct hostility to the LGBT+ community.

Last year, legislators in the region of Malopolska adopted a resolution expressing “firm opposition to the emerging public activities aimed at promoting the ideology of LGBT movements” and saying these activities are “oriented at the annihilation of values shaped by the centuries-old heritage of Christianity.”

In December, the European Parliament, part of the European Union’s government, issued a condemnation of “LGBT-free zones” and demanded that they be revoked. Last month the European Commission, the executive branch of the E.U. government, cut funding for six cities that have made these proclamations.

Von der Leyen has frequently denounced the anti-LGBT+ moves in Poland. The story that Biden tweeted covered her first State of the Union address, in which she said that “LGBT-free zones” are “humanity-free zones” and “have no place in our union.” Although she did not specifically mention Poland, she was clearly referring to the nation. She also promised moves to advance LGBTQ+ rights throughout the E.U.

Biden has pledged to make LGBT+ rights around the world a priority of his administration. “As President, Biden will restore the United States’ standing as a global leader defending LGBTQ+ rights and development and work closely with our partners and like-minded governments to ensure that violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals do not go unchecked,” his platform states.

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