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Kevin Hart Confirms He Won’t Be Hosting the Oscars in TV Rant

Kevin Hart has once again taken to a high profile media outlet to let us know he won’t be hosting the Oscars, reports The Guardianand The AV Club. This time addressing the Late Show and Good Morning America.


Hart has been marred in controversy since the announcement of his potential hosting gig, and the subsequent resurfacing of his homophobic tweets and stand-up routines.


Read our detailed explanation of the Hart backlash here.


Talking to Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan on Wednesday Hart reiterated: “I’m not hosting the Oscars this year.


“Right now, from a time perspective, I don’t have the time. You’re talking about two weeks I’d have to prepare. I would like to call myself a perfectionist, so if I do something I want to give it my all.”


“I would want to make sure the production is a great representation of me and my talent.”


When asked about his homophobic tweets Hart responded with a terse: “I’m done.


“It gets no more energy from me. That’s why I said for the last time, I’m addressing this. There’s no more conversation about it. I’m over that, I’m over the moment, and I’m about today.”


When asked if he had a message for gay children Hart refused: “Why do you have to prove that you are a loving individual?


“You shouldn’t have to prove that, you shouldn’t have to justify that. That’s the position I’m in.


“What else do you want? You want blood? What [do] you want? You want my arms?


“There is no ending to it. If you feed this energy then it’s going to grow. You’re not getting no more of my energy from it. I’m not giving no more… I’m not addressing it anymore.”

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