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LGBT+ Inclusion In Ads Promotes Acceptance And Helps Brands, New Study Reveals

A new study released by GLAAD and Procter & Gamble has revealed that LGBT+ inclusion in ads both promotes acceptance and helps brands.

The study asked non-LGBT+ audiences in the U.S.A. how they responded to seeing LGBT+ characters in advertising and in series, to which 68% said they “feel better about buying products from” companies that do so.

86% of the respondents stated that the inclusion of LGBT+ individuals in their marketing reflected the company’s support of LGBT+ rights, 85% stated that LGBT+ inclusion shows the company’s commitment to offering products to all types of consumers, 82% agreed that LGBT+ inclusion reflects on the company’s value for diversity and 80% stated that LGBT+ inclusion in their marketing shows the company sees the importance of including LGBT+ people.

“Across the board, people felt that seeing LGBTQ people in ads helped them understand and build education around LGBTQ, which grows acceptance,” according to GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

“As we move into Pride month, the big question will be: ‘Who is not participating?’” said Ellis. “This is a time for marketers to really step up.”

As ‘LGBTQ Loyalty’ reports, advertisements across the spectrum of television, magazines, newspapers and digital content will be reflecting LGBT+ inclusive content now that Pride month is here.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, when media consumption is up and when media outlets serve as lifelines for LGBTQ people in isolation, companies should recognize that now is the right time to grow the quality and quantity of LGBTQ people in advertising.

“This is a permission slip for brands to go out and embrace the LGBTQ community,” said Ellis.

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