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LGBT+ People In India Protest Anti-Trans Law

LGBT+ people flooded the streets of India’s Capital in the annual Delhi Queer Parade. Many were marching in protest of a proposed anti-trans law.

The proposed bill would restrict the rights of trans people and activists say it will undermine trans people’s autonomy, according to the ‘Advocate’.

The bill “directly discriminates against the community and strips them of dignity,” the article writes.

“Language in the bill suggests that trans people may be required to have surgery before being able to change their legal gender,” reports Human Rights Watch (HRW). 

“A trans person would have to apply for both a “transgender certificate” and a “change in gender certificate” — the latter of which, HRW says, requires documented gender-affirming surgery.

Those against the bill raised awareness on Twitter with the hashtag #StopTransBill2019.

“The trans community believes that the current bill being discussed … makes a mockery of their personhood, community, rights and only adds to everyday humiliation and violation,” tweeted one user.

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