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LGBT+ Series Of The Decade

LGBT+ content in television has exploded in the last decade. Characters either as protagonists or as supporting roles have made history with their roles while winning over fans. 

Below are the ‘Advocate’s’ selected and ranked TV shows that have shaped the world of the LGBT+ community in the past decade. 

20. American Horror Story

LGBT+ actors have dominated this horror genre series with their vanguard LGBT+ stories. 

19. Gentleman Jack

This series follows the tale of pioneering lesbian Anne Lister, who is often considered to be the “first modern lesbian”.

18. Will & Grace

“There is no question that Will & Grace changed the world for LGBT+ people.” Gay protagonists Will and Jack have been said to have helped America move toward marriage equality. The show returned to NBC in 2017 in direct response to the presidential election of Donald Trump when LGBT+ rights were once again under attack.

17. A Very English Scandal

A Very English Scandal follows the story of Jeremy Thorpe, a closeted member of Parliament and depicts the chronicle of homophobia of the 1970s and 80’s England.

16. Killing Eve

A “gorgeous bisexual polyglot of an assassin” becomes obsessed with an MI6 investigator.

15. Broad City

Gay characters appear in the show continuously with the bisexual lead character being the most dominant.

14. Dear White People

With a central gay character the series explores different queer scenes and issues related to both race and sexuality. 

13. True Blood

True Blood “establishes itself as a thinly veiled metaphor for the fight for LTBTQ equality.” One of the characters, Lafayette Reynolds, became one of television’s most beloved gay characters. 

12. Euphoria

The series tells the love story between a cis woman and a trans woman, something TV has not often done before. 

11. Sense8

LGBT+ performers are widely included in the series which aims to spread the message that humans, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity, are interconnected.

10. Looking

Gay life in San Francisco is in the center if this series. It explorers many issues including modern queer life, PrEP, serodiscordant dating and marriage equality.

9. One Day at a Time

Elena, a lesbian who protests and fights for LGBT+ rights protagonists as the daughter of a divorced mum in this ’70’s sitcom.

8. Schitt's Creek

Camp and queer sensibility load this series about a wealthy family that loses it all and the family’s pansexual son David.

7. Modern Family

Cam and Mitch, the gay couple part of the modern family take us with them in their journey of raising their adoptive daughter, Lilly, in a loving household. 

6. The Fosters / Good Trouble

Lesbian mums are raising biological, adopted and foster kids in this series which became one of the most consistently groundbreaking series in TV history.

5. Glee

Numerous LGBT+ students and faculty were introduced in the musical dreamed Glee. Queer teens around the world were given romantic possibility models and trans characters explored gender identity at different ages. 

4. Transparent

An elder trans woman comes out to her family making this series the first to put a trans storyline from and center. 

3. Vida

Several actors who are LGBT+ star in the series about two sisters, one bisexual, who return home after their mothers massing away to handle her affairs. 

2. Pose

“No other show on television has impacted LGBTQ lives like Pose”. The series centers trans and queer people of color and has set a record for the number of trans series regulars on television.

  1. Orange Is The New Black

TV changed forever after Orange Is The New Black hit the screen. It talks about issues faced by women of color, lesbians, bisexuals and trans women.

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