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Mae Martin Talks About Her Bingeworthy Netflix Series ‘Feel Good’

Comedian Mae Martin is the queer creator of the Netflix series ‘Feel Good’ which has received critical acclaim, released during the coronavirus pandemic creating the perfect “escapism” for its viewers. 

“It’s such a weird time to have a show come out, and I haven’t been able to promote it because the world is ending,” she said. “It feels a little tone deaf to be tweeting about it all the time, because everyone is just trying to survive. But I am so pleased by the response.”

Critics’ response has been very encouraging for Martin, with her series hitting the maximum 100% rating on the Tomatometer in Rotten Tomatoes, based on 28 critics’ reviews. 

“It has some darker themes, but it’s a comedy and just a super romantic love story,” Martin said. “So I hope people find it as a warm place to be right now.”

In an interview with ‘NBC News,’ Martin explains about the series that it is an “intimate portrait of addiction, love and intersectionality of the two” following the semi-autographical story of a stand-up comedian Mae (Martin) struggling with sobriety while also dealing with her new, complicated relationship with George (Charlotte Ritchie). The two quickly fall in love and deal with “society's preoccupation with not only labeling sexuality, but our experiences with sobriety as well.”

“I have a good handle on my life, but this character is dialed up to 120 percent. For me, I’m not a devout 12 stepper, but I have gone over the years and found it’s different for everyone,” Martin said of her own experience as a recovering addict. “I am just trying to write from my experience; I am not trying to write the definitive addict experience.

“The main thing is not to beat yourself up,” Martin said of the path to recovery. “The worst thing is if you feel like you're failing, and then the guilt happens.”

Martin goes on to say: “I have a similar thesis about sexuality and gender — that it’s different for everyone, and you can find your own path through it. There is so much pressure to be in strict binary categories. Both of these characters are dealing with that. I am interested in all of the ambiguity and fluidity of life.”

Although in many ways this series will not necessarily make you ‘Feel Good’ as the title suggests, it could inspire you to learn a little bit more about yourself in these strange times of isolation, ultimately making you feel what the title suggests.

Watch the trailer below:

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