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Mike Pence’s Home State to Offer Gender Neutral Identifications

Vice President Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana has started to issue gender neutral identifications, reports NBC News.


Residents can opt to have an ‘X’ under gender, instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’, on their drivers licenses and state ID cards. All they have to do is submit a physician’s note or an amended birth certificate.


This has come at the recommendation of the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Administrators, as well as years of advocacy work.


“In a state known for its anti-LGBTQ laws, policies, and politicians, the BMV chose to recognize people with nonbinary genders without a legal battle,” said Indiana Legal Services’ LGBTQ project director, Megan Stuart.


“Personally, I like knowing that I can hand over my ID and not have someone immediately know what a doctor thought about my sex assigned at birth, not have someone from an institution try to confirm their suspicions about what I could possibly be,” added Ash Kulak, a non-binary public defender who’s been working on getting the gender neutral identifications in the state for years.

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