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Missouri In Efforts To “Modernise” HIV Laws

A bipartisan group of Missouri lawmakers has filed legislation aimed in modernising the state’s current HIV laws. The group says that current laws are “based on information that is no longer scientifically accurate,” notes ‘Missouri Net’.

Missouri is one of the states where current law has felony-level penalties if an HIV-positive person cannot prove that they disclosed their HIV status before engaging in sexual activity.

State Rep. Holly Rehder, R-Scott City, said: “Let’s work on these things [HIV and her prescription drug monitoring program legislation] and get them done to actually truly affect people’s daily lives at home.”

If the Rehder legislation passes, supporters believe there will no longer be an incentive for people to not get tested for HIV. They say current law “treats HIV as a crime.”

State REp. Tracy McCreery, D-Olivette, who has filed her own, similar version of the bill says that “it’s a matter of life and death and it’s one of those issues that affects both rural and urban, suburban Missouri.”

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