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myGwork Launches the Largest Online Employment Exchange in Spain in Support of the Trans Community

Driven by an uptick in transphobia cases in the workplace, and in response to the lack of job opportunities adversely affecting trans people in Spain – an unemployment figure that is estimated to be an astounding 80% according to the FELGTB – myGwork has launched the largest digital employment exchange platform in Spain in support of the trans community.

The participating entities within this job exchange seek to connect people from the Trans collective, those who are actively seeking employment, in contact with the companies and institutions committed to LGTBQI + diversity and inclusion and equal opportunities to work.

The employment exchange is available on myGwork’s web platform and new mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. In addition to bridging the gap between inclusive employers and the trans community, myGwork’s platform also provides free access to professional events, training, LGBTQ+ news, and networking opportunities with myGwork’s robust community of members and mentors.

The Employment Exchange for the Trans Community was launched in conjunction with the following organizations and associations dedicated to advocating for LGBTQ + rights:

December 26 Foundation - Ambar Project, a socio-labour project which aims to support the trans community of the Community of Madrid by providing training and employment alternatives, housing, and health services;

NGO Rescate, which provides support to refugees, displaced people, vulnerable migrants, and victims of political, natural, or social crises inside and outside of Spain;

Trabajando en Positivo, which promotes equal employment opportunities for people with HIV;

Positive Support, a resource for social innovation promoting diversity and meeting health and education needs and human rights;

Imagine More, an employment program contributing to the a stable socio-labor reality for trans * women and raising awareness to create inclusive and safter work environments;

KIFKIF, an association in support of LGBTQ + migrants and refugees in the fields of sexual health, psychological intervention, legal advice, and employment;

Now Where – Shelter You, a non-profit organization based in Barcelona that provides help to young people who have been rejected by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity;

AET-Transexualia, an organization that has supported the integration of trans people in society for more than thirty-three years, endeavoring to end the discrimination that mainly effects the trans community in the labor market;

FELGTB, an invaluable reference to the LGBTQ + movement within Spain, due to the history, trajectory, structure, contributions and the number of associations and entities that comprise it; and

ACATHI, an association formed by LGBTQ + people from culturally diverse backgrounds including migrants and refugees, to prevent and alleviate discrimination and persecution.

You can find out more here.

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