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New charity to support refugees through education and employment launched

Queer For Queer has been launched to support queer migrants, asylum seekers and refugees around the world through education and employment. 


Founded by Hrvoje Kondzic, Queer for Queer is a UK-registered charity with international reach through online programmes and activities. The charity aims to support LGBTQ+ migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, through providing business creation courses; delivering skill-enhancing masterclasses; and working with queer and ally businesses to create employment advice and opportunities. 


There are so many fantastic organisations out there supporting queer refugees. However, Queer for Queer does this in a different way. We do it through education and employment and offering them a way towards financial independence which is real game-changer,” stated Kondzic. “Once they are financially independent, we are hoping that their social positions will change, that their safety levels will improve and that they will be less dependent on outside support. 


The charity’s mission is to significantly improve the livelihoods and life quality of queer migrants, asylum seekers and refugees regardless of whether they are still in their home countries, transit locations or destination countries. Its services are also available to all other migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and other individuals (queer or not) who find themselves economically and/or socially disadvantaged or facing other barriers to finding employment. 


The charity achieves this by bringing queer professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with queers in challenging situations. “This is where the name  Queer for Queer  comes from,” explained Kondzic. “Once the individuals who we are supporting are in much better positions, we hope that they will return to us as those who are ready to share their knowledge and experiences. In this way, we are creating (and closing) a new circle of queer care and support.


As a war survivor having been displaced in his home country, Kondzic has first-hand personal experience of being a refugee, and not feeling safe and accepted as a queer person. “No one, especially no wonderful queer person, should ever feel like that. So the drive to set up Queer for Queer came from both the desire and the inability to support queer refugees,” shared Kondzic.

 Hrvoje Kondzic, Founder, Queer for Queer

Queer for Queer is led by people with lived experiences. “We are using those experiences to create a new circle of queer care by bringing successful professionals and queer (and ally) organizations to provide education, skill improvement and employment for queers in disadvantaged positions. Once their positions have improved, they are encouraged to continue being a part of our circle of queer care by sharing knowledge and offering employment to those still in challenging situations,” added Kondzic. “By sharing their lived experiences of life’s hardship and subsequent professional successes, these previously disadvantaged individuals become heroes, inspirations and beacons of hope for those who are still disadvantaged.”


For more information about Queer for Queer check out the website here.

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