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One In Five Hate Crimes In The US Motivated By An “Anti-LGBTQ Bias”, FBI Finds

The FBI has collected new data that shows that of the total 7,120 hate crimes committed in the US last year, nearly one out of five were motivated by an “anti-LGBTQ bias”.

More specifically, of the 7,120 hate crimes recorded, 1,196 were targeted because of people’s sexual orientation, while 168 people were targeted because of their gender identity.

“Breaking the figures down even more, 726 men were targeted because they were gay, 129 women were targeted for being a lesbian, 303 were targeted for being LGBTQ and 21 people were targeted for being bisexual. A further 17 people were targeted because they were straight,” ‘Gay Times’ report. 

“Meanwhile, 142 people were targeted because of their trans identity, while 26 were targeted because of their gender non-conforming identity,” the article continues.

Of all the hate crimes committed in the US, 17% were targeted to LGBT+ people in 2017 and this number has risen now to 19%. As for members of the trans community, hate crimes targeting them have increased by 34%

The FBI data doesn’t confirm what kind of hate crimes were committed, so it’s uncertain whether these were violent physical or verbal attacks on people. 

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