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Pearl Mackie: Representation is Important

In an exclusive interview with ‘Digital Spy’, Doctor Who star Pearl Mackie discusses her groundbreaking character Bill Potts and the importance of LGBT+ representation.

“Getting the job and being catapulted into this amazing world and this huge fandom and also opening up this whole world of LGBTQ fandom that had been there in the Doctor Who community but hadn’t had, apart from Captain Jack, like a solid companion to channel and represent them essentially,” she says.

Pearl made history on Doctor Who as the titular hero’s first-ever LGBT+ companion. She made her debut in the 10th season of the critically-acclaimed fantasy/sci-fi drama and appeared in 13 episodes in total.

The actress also opened up how her character helped fans of the series come out to their loved ones.

“I’ve met a lot of people to whom Bill was a huge catalyst in enabling them to come out to their families, which is something that you never really think as an actor you ever have any kind of impact on someone’s life ion that scale.

“It is phenomenal the number of people who have told me that without Bill they wouldn’t have been able to come out to their family.”

Later on in the interview, Pearl discusses the impact of Bill Potts and how her popularity stems from the need for more LGBT+ representation.

“That is why representation is important. For me, I think it’s a huge example of why it is important to keep telling LGBTQ stories, especially women of colour telling these stories as well because there aren’t enough of those out in the world at all.”

Pearl Mackie made headlines last summer when she came out as bisexual during Pride month, as ‘Gay Times’ report.

“Proud to be bisexual. Proud to be Black,” she told her followers. “Proud of all my LGBT+ brothers and sisters and everyone in between. We matter. You matter. Big love and nuff respect. Happy Pride everyone!”

Pearl then used several hashtags in her post, such as #pridemonth, #blacklivesmatter and #allblacklivesmatter.

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