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Pixar’s Short Film ‘Out’ Is A Queer Love Story

Pixar’s new short film ‘Out’ is a queer love story and has become the first Pixal and Disney film to feature a gay main character and an LGBT+ storyline.

Written and directed by Steven Clay Huter, ‘Out’ tells the story of a young gay man, Greg (voice by Kyle McDaniel)  preparing to move in with his boyfriend Manuel (Caleb Cabrera).  The couple is then surprised by Greg’s parents, who don’t yet know their son is gay. 

The trailer was released on Disney’s social media and has sparked positive responses by fans, as ‘Insider’ reports.

“OMG thank you, Disney,” one user wrote in a comment.

“I would have loved this as a kid,” another Instagram commenter wrote in response to the ‘Out’ trailer.

“The new Pixar Spark Short, 'Out,' has been played more than five times at home, creating a great conversation with my 4-year-old son,” one user wrote. “It ended up with him saying, 'Everyone can love anyone and I love it.’”

Watch the trailer bellow:

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