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Police Chief Suspended In The US For Saying Dead Deputy Got COVID-19 Because He’s Gay

A police chief in the US, Dan Engle, has been suspended after saying his fellow police officer, Deputy Shannon Bennett, died from coronavirus “because he was gay”.

Deputy Bennet initially came down with a fever and a headache but his symptoms got worse and he passed away after being in the hospital for several days, as ‘Metro’ reports.  

Following his death, Engle started talking about and spreading a “backstory” where he stated that Bennett contracted the coronavirus because he was a “homosexual who attended homosexual sexual events”.

After this incident he was suspended. 

Mike Tucker, chief of staff for the Florida Fraternal Order of Police said if the allegations are true then they were “extremely disturbing”. 

“For any reference to be made to the tragic passing of one of our brothers at the Broward Sheriff's Office is, if true, is absolutely not only unacceptable but is just shameful," he said.

“And it's not indicative of the professionals of the Town of Davie that we know.”

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