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Polish Therapists And Psychologists Speak Out Against ‘Conversion’ Therapy In Open Letter

Polish therapists and psychologists speak out against so-called ‘conversion’ therapy in an open letter, making clear that the practice has no place in Poland.

Addressed to the LGBT+ community, the letter states: “We object to the ideas promoted under the guise of conversion therapy, no matter the form or name such therapy is given.

 “As a professional community, we feel committed to spreading scientific knowledge about human sexuality and sexual identity, and to opposing violence and providing help to those who are dealing with its consequences.

“Unfortunately, prejudice is something you also encounter in medical offices and clinics. Before you decide to attend sessions with a particular counsellor, ask him or her about his or her qualifications, professional experience, and position towards LGBT+ people.

“You have the right to take care of yourself and to determine at the outset whether the person whose help you are seeking is guided by scientific principles or very particular private opinions about questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

“Make sure to look for recommendations from social organisations working with sexual minorities, ask direct questions, and expect your counsellor to validate his or her professional qualification with official documents.

“We apologise for every situation when instead of the help you were seeking, you encountered a bad word, an opinionated diagnosis, rejection, or an ideological stance disguised as a ‘treatment’.

“This should not have happened, and we will keep reminding our professional environment of the standards of psychological counselling and the state of scientific research.”

Read the whole letter here.

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