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‘Pose’ star and trans actress claims she was attacked in Aruba resort

Dominique Jackson, the trans actress who plays the villainous Elektra on Ryan Murphy’s Pose, has claimed to be attacked in – and then thrown out of – an Aruba resort during a disturbing incident.

In an Instagram video she posted on Sunday (that she has since deleted), Jackson said: “I got put out of my hotel room because I wouldn’t sleep with a white man on his vacation.”

Jackson was on vacation with her husband in Barceló when the incident happened. Her husband rushed to her defence and the attacker called the police on them both.

“Because my husband was black and while they thought he was acting up, the white man that called the cops on him was f–king trying to rape me . . . I don’t know if my husband and I are going to make it out of Aruba, because when those cops showed up and that white man said, ‘Oh, they were this, and they were that,’ they did not even look in his back pocket — because in his back pocket, he had my muthaf–king panties after he ripped them off of me,” she said.

She later posted: “Thank you Mr. Murphy. I love you dearly. I’m not trying to be over-dramatic or anything like that, but as a transgender woman I just know that sometimes we don’t make it out of places and certain things don’t happen for us.

“I thought that I was becoming successful and things would get better. I didn’t think things would be like this.”

Jackson arrived back home yesterday.

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