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Pro equal marriage candidate wins Costa Rican presidency

After fears, the anti-gay evangelical pastor Fabricio Alvarado Munoz would win the Costa Rican presidency his pro-gay opponent Carlos Alvardo has soundly won. Fabricio Alvarado Munoz had taken advantage of a recent swing in homophobic attitudes in Costa Rica to become the leading presidential candidate.

Following the ruling from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Costa Rica had been told it must recognise same-sex marriage. This has proven controversial in a country mostly comprised of Roman Catholics and conservatives. Fabricio Alvarado Munoz had used this controversy to his advantage, rising in the polls on an anti-same-sex marriage platform.

He called the court’s ruling “a violation of the country’s sovereignty and an affront to traditional values… We have to stand up to those who want to trample on the family.” 

Carlos Alvarado won a sound 60 percent of the vote, compared to Fabricio Alvarado’s 39 percent.

Many in the country saw this election as a referendum on marriage equality, and it is now expected Costa Rica will comply with the IAHRC and legalise same-sex marriage.

“Today, the world is watching us,” Carlos Alvarado wrote on Twitter, “and we sent a beautiful democratic message.”

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