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Rebecca Adlington’s Ex-Husband Harry Needs Comes Out As Bisexual

Rebecca Adlington’s ex-husband Harry Needs has come out as bisexual, through an Instagram post. The personal trainer revealed he is bisexual, stating he felt ready to publicly address his sexuality after previously “avoiding” the question “every day of his life so far.”

In an Instagram question and answer session, Harry was asked about his sexuality by a fan, to which he replied: “This is a question I've avoided everyday of my life so far, mainly because I strongly dislike labels despite not knowing a solution to avoid them. But if I had to answer I would people that I've always been bisexual #ahh.”

He explained that he has known about his bisexuality since he was 13 but had never felt the need to publicly come out, as ‘Daily Mail’ reports. 

Explaining why he picked Sunday to come out, Harry, father-of-one, wrote: “Today is #fathersday #pridemonth and the last #mensmentalhealthawareness week. I couldn't waste an opportunity as gold as that.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there that embody the duty to inspire, teach, care and love their children the way they all children deserve too be loved.

“I can burst with excitement sometimes over how proud I am to be Summers dad, and I will cherish every single moment with this kid until my very last breath.

“For any dads out their who made mistakes along the way (because we all have), grow beyond it, fix it and never stop trying to be that inspiration, role model and super hero.”

He concluded his post by writing: “Never stop creating ourselves, we all deserve happier times. In honour of #pride Special shout out to all the bisexual dads out there, I see you, I hear you, I feel you.”

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