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Be The Change: My Allyship Tips

By Holly Allen, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Reed Smith

1. Educate yourself and others - Over the years I have found it particularly beneficial to attend sessions where you hear from people in the community and learn about their experiences. It is through these sessions that I have grown as an ally and learned how best to support colleagues and friends. Following this, I’ve then made efforts to share this information at work and amongst others.


2. Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions, when questions are coming from a sympathetic place this can never be wrong.


3. Discuss pronouns – It’s so much better to ask a person’s pronouns than to guess. Offer your own first and then ask how the person likes to be referred to. This is such an easy thing to do, however, it can mean a great deal to others in the community.


4. Never out someone – If you have been privileged enough for someone to share their story with you, there is no reason for you to share this (without permission of course). Coming out can be very difficult, layered with the multiple times this may need to happen. Not everyone wants to/feels safe to be out in every situation. Respect this decision and instead be there to support in whatever capacity is required.


5. Be the change – when you notice there is a lack of inclusiveness, whether that be through language, body language, policy etc. be the one to call it out. By sitting back and doing nothing, you are implicitly supporting the status quo. If you believe in change, make sure you are proactive in your efforts!

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